Links to some of the statutes that govern business filings in Kentucky are below. Please note that the links on this page will take you to the Legislative Research Commission's website.

KRS Chapter 14A - Kentucky Business Entity Filing Act (effective Jan. 1, 2011)
General Provisions
Filing Requirements​
Business Entity Names
Registered Off​ice and Agent
Principal Office Address
Annual Reports
Administrative Dissolution
End of Duration
Foreign Business Entities

KRS Chapter 271B - Business Corporations
General Provisions
Purposes and Powers
Office and Agent
Shares and Distributions
Directors and Officers
Amendment of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
Merger and Share Exchange
Sale of Assets
Business Combinations
Dissenters' Rights
Foreign Corporations
Records and Reports
Transition Provisions
Miscellaneous Provisions

KRS Chapter 272
Cooperative Corporations and Associations

KRS Chapter 272A - Kentucky Uniform Limited Cooperative Association Act
General Provisions
Filings with the Secretary of State
Amendment of Organic Rules
Member's Interest in Limited Cooperative Association
Marketing Contracts
Board of Directors -- Officers
Contributions, Allocations, and Distributions
Member Dissociation
Dissolution of a Limited Cooperative Association
Actions by a Member Against a Limited Cooperative Association
Foreign Limited Cooperative Associations
Disposition of Assets
Mergers and Conversions
Miscellaneous Provisions

KRS Chapter 273
Religious, Charitable, and Educational Societies - Nonstock, Nonprofit Corporations

KRS Chapter 273A
Kentucky Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act

KRS Chapter 274
Professional Service Corporations

KRS Chapter 275
Limited Liability Companies

KRS Chapter 362
Subchapter 1 Kentucky Revised Uniform Partnership Act (2006)
Subchapter 2 Kentucky Uniform Limited Partnership Act (2006)

KRS Chapter 365
Trade Practices

KRS Chapter 386
Administration of Trusts - Legal Investments - Uniform Principal and Income Act

KRS Chapter 386A
Kentucky Uniform Statutory Trust Act (2012)

KRS Chapter 136.060
Corporation Organization Tax

Kentucky Administrative Regulations, Title 30, Chapter 1