Executive Journal

​​Since Kentucky's statehood in 1792, the Secretary of State has been responsible for keeping "a fair register" of and attesting all official acts of the governor, among other duties. Although the title, method of selection and terms have changed since 1792, the fundamental duties of the Secretary of State have not.

The Secretary of State attests the Governor's official acts by impressing official documents with the Seal of the Commonwealth, which the Secretary of State keeps pursuant to KRS 14.030. As the notary public for the Commonwealth, the Secretary of State also keeps a personal seal to attest his or her own official acts and certifications. Because both seals are used to attest official acts only, they may not be used for commercial purposes.

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This website allows you to access the Executive Journal (the "fair register"), which contains scanned images of selected executive orders signed by the governor. Governors' journals since 1931, bound in book format, are housed with the Secretary of State's Office. Earlier journals may be researched by contacting the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.

The Enacted Legislation database enables you to access enrolled bills by number, date filed and topic. It identifies which bills were signed by the governor, allowed to become law without signature or vetoed by the governor, and which bills' vetoes were overriden by the legislature.

Kentucky Colonel commissions are authorized by executive orders signed by the governor and attested to by the Secretary of State. Additional information is available on the website of the Honorable Order of the Kentucky Colonels.