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​What is an Application Assistant?

An Application Assistant is someone who provides counseling, referrals, or other direct services to victims of stalking, sexual​​ assault, and/or domestic violence as part of their job or volunteer work and has completed the Safe at Home training and certification process.

What do Application Assistants do?

Application Assistants meet with potential program participants and make program referrals. Application Assistants determine whether an applicant is eligible for program services and assesses the program fit of potential applicants. They also assist applicants with completing the application and submit it to the Safe at Home program once complete. Safe at Home staff do not meet with potential participants for enrollment.

Request a Training Session

Safe at Home provides free informational training sessions and Application Assistant Certification. If you are interested in scheduling a training session for your agency, you may send a request by emailing or by calling 844-292-5227 to speak with the Outreach Coordinator. Please specify whether you would like an Application Assistant Certification session or a general Informational Training.

Informational Training

Informational Trainings provide details about the program and substitute address. They may be catered to the needs of your agency, whether that includes details about Safe at Home compliance or program information relevant to your clientele and workplace responsibilities. 

Application Assistant Certification

Application Assistant Certification may be completed with staff, interns, or volunteers who provide direct services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and/or harassment. Direct services can come in many forms and Application Assistants need not specifically be advocates.  

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