Resources for Application Assistants

​If you are looking for an Application Assistant to help you enroll as a participant ofthe Safe at Home program, please visit this page for a list of assistance agencies.

What is an Application Assistant?

An Application Assistant is someone who provides counseling, referrals, or other direct services to victims of stalking, sexual assault, and/or domestic violence as part of their job or volunteer work and has completed the Safe at Home program training and certification process.

What do Application Assistants do?

Application Assistants meet with potential program participants and make program referrals. Application Assistants determine whether an applicant is eligible for program services and assesses the program fit of potential applicants. They also assist applicants with completing the application and submit it to the Safe at Home program once complete. Safe at Home staff do not meet with potential participants for enrollment.

New Application Assistants

How do I become a certified Application Assistant?

In order to become a certified Application Assistant for the Kentucky Safe at Home program and begin assisting clients with enrollment, you will need to complete an Application Assistant training. You can request a training for your agency by contacting the Safe at Home program coordinator at

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