Participant Responsibilities

Participants are responsible for updating any changes in their information. Participants should use the forms sent to them in the enrollment packet. Name or address change forms are available online.

Address and Name Changes

Participants are required to notify the Safe at Home program of an address or name change. Filing an address change with the United States Postal Service does not satisfy this requirement. Participants that fail to notify Safe at Home of the address or name change within 14 days risk removal from the program.


Participants are required to notify the Safe at Home program if they choose to add a new dependent to their household or if a dependent moves out of the household.


If a participant decides to withdrawal from the program, they are required to fill out a form and notify all state and local agencies of their withdrawal. The Secretary of State's Office will send a written confirmation of the withdrawal and participation is terminated 10 days after the date of the confirmation.


A participant is certified for the program for a total of four years. If a participant wishes to remain in the program they are required to renew their certification prior to expiration.


The Safe at Home Program may cancel a participant's certification for the following reasons:

  • Failure to notify Safe at Home of a change of address within 14 days
  • Failure to notify Safe at Home of a name change within 14days
  • Submitting false information to Safe at Home
  • Failure to renew enrollment prior to the expiration fate
  • They are a co-applicant who no longer resides with the primary applicant

The participant has the right to appeal the cancellation. Participants must fill out an “Appeal from Cancellation" form explaining why they believe they should remain in the program. Participants have 30 days to appeal from the date of cancellation.