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The Kentucky Safe at Home Program is an address confidentiality program that helps survivors of certain crimes, including sexual assault, domestic violence, trafficking, stalking and other crimes safely hide their address on public records including voter rolls.

Safe at Home has three main functions:

  • Address substitution: Participants use the Secretary of State's address on all public records in lieu of their own. Their address is masked on all local and state public records.​
  • Mail forwarding: The Secretary of State's Office forwards mail to the participant's confidential address.
  • Voter Registration: Participants can safely exercise their right to vot​e by having their address hidden on publicly available voter records. Participants are eligible to vote via mail-in absentee ballot.​


In 2023, Secretary Michael Adams in partnership with the General Assembly made changes to the address confidentially program already in place to remove the barrier of needing an emergency protective order to participate. Instead of an EPO, participants provide a statement, under the penalty of perjury, explaining their need to conceal their address. The expansion of the Safe at Home program also incorporates state and local agencies, allowing participants to safely conceal their addresses on state and local public records, instead of just voter registration.

To become a participant, the eligible individual (or someone authorized on his or her behalf) must complete a Safe at Home Application. Hard copies are available from the Secretary of State and county clerks' offices, as well as through authorized agencies. Applications must be submitted to the Secretary of State's Office. Once approved, the participant will receive an enrollment package and participant card.

Certification lasts for four years unless it is cancelled, or the participant withdraws before the expiration date. The certification can be renewed before the expiration date.

​Other Information​​

Please review the Safe at Home frequently asked questions for more details about this important program. Research resources are also available through this website.

All forms for the Safe at Home program are available here, or you can contact the Secretary of State's office to have copies emailed or mailed to you, or if you have any questions:

​​​​Phone: (844) 292-KACP (toll-free)
(502) 564-3490
Fax: (502) 564-5687
Email: KACP@ky.gov
​Mail: Safe at Home ​
c/o Office of the Secretary of State
700 Capital Ave Suite 152
Frankfort, KY 40601