2015 Primary Recanvass

On May 28, 2015, each of Kentucky's 120 county boards of elections rechecked and recanvassed each voting machine to verify the vote totals in the May 19, 2015, Republican Primary Elections for Governor/Lieutenant Governor and Commissioner of Agriculture. The statewide recanvasses were requested by James Comer/Chris McDaniel, candidates for Governor/Lieutenant Governor, and Richard Heath, candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture.

The county boards of elections certified the results of the recanvasses to the Secretary of State's office. There were several minor changes in vote totals, but the recanvass did not affect the outcomes of the elections.

County-by-county results of both recanvasses, including any differences compared with previously reported vote totals, are available online:

Republican Governor/Lieutenant Governor

Republican Commissioner of Agriculture

With the exceptions of Daviess, Fayette, Henderson, Jefferson, Kenton, Nelson and Rowan counties, which received an extension until June 1 to certify vote totals to the Secretary of State's office, the results of the recanvasses are the official returns of the counties.

All vote totals remain unofficial until they are certified by the State Board of Elections.