Kentucky Student Mock Election

​Coming Soon!​

​​​Below are the steps to participate:​​

​1.  Sign your school up online

​​Any Kentucky student in public, private and home school in grades PreK to 12 are encouraged to partipate in our Student Mock Election.  ​

Register your School (Coming Soon)​

 ​​​​​​​​​2.  Create a lesson plan

​​​​​Many resources are available - such as PBS LearningMedia​.  We recommend you cover the following:

1.  Citizenship

2.  Roles of Elected Officials

3.  Campaigning

4.   The Voting Process

5.  State & Local Government

6.  The Constitution

7.  Colonial Government

​​​3.  Gather resources provided by our office

​​​Each participating school will be provided the following resources:

1.  A PDF of a mock ballot that can be printed (which will be sent via email).

2.  "I voted" stickers (which will be sent via mail).

3.  A Student Mock Election "I Voted" sign

​​4.  Conduct your mock election

​​The Secretary of State's Office will provide printable mock election ballots.  However, schools may conduct their mock election in whatever manner works best for their students.

​​​5.  Report your school's results

​​Results can be reported beginning on October 21, 2024, and must be submitted by November 1, 2024.  Instructions for reporting will be provided to each school's designated contact via email.