Trademarks and Service Marks Forms

Many of the forms you may need to file with the Secretary of State's office are available for download. Supplemental documentation may not be appended to these standardized forms, so if these forms do not meet your specific filing needs, you may use them as a guide in preparing your own documents to file with this office.
Trademark and Service Mark forms must be filed by mail or in person with original signatures. Please return them to:
          Office of the Secretary of State
          P.O. Box 718
          Frankfort, KY 40602

Trademark/Service Mark Application - must be accompanied by three specimens showing the mark as actually used.

Trademark/Service Mark Renewal Application - must be accompanied by one specimen showing current and continued use of the mark.

Trademark/Service Mark Assignment - used to change ownership of a registered mark; while the standardized form is recommended, other legally binding documents may be accepted to record an assignment.

Other Forms Available for Download

You can also download business filing forms, a request for corporate documents and UCC forms on this website.