Welcome to the Secretary of State’s Kentucky Student Mock Election site. This year, the Office of the Secretary of State is partnering with the National Student/Parent Mock Election Committee to coordinate a statewide Mock Election for students. The Mock Election will be held across the Commonwealth later this fall. Secretary Grimes is thrilled to host this event and encourages all Kentucky schools to actively participate in the nation’s largest, most successful voter education project.
In 2012, the last election year, over 50,000 elementary, middle, and high school students from across the Commonwealth cast their ballots in the National Student/Parent Mock Election.
This year, teachers will have the option to turn computers in their classrooms into voting machines. The National Student/Parent Mock Election virtual voting experience will allow students to receive confirmation that their votes have been cast and will be counted, helping to further engage young Kentuckians in the election process.
The 2016 Kentucky Mock Election ballot will enable students to vote on the candidates for President of the United States. The final results of the Mock Election will be available online.
The Secretary of State’s Office is dedicated to improving civic literacy and engagement across the Commonwealth. Mock elections are exceptional tools for confronting this issue because they engage students in the core principles of democracy and cultivate an important behavior they will carry far beyond the classroom. With your participation, we will accomplish our goal of expanding civic awareness and making this the most successful Mock Election to date!
If your school would like to be involved in fostering youth voter participation through the Kentucky Student Mock Election, please register with the National Student/Parent Mock Election.
Results from the 2006, 2008, and 2012 mock elections are available online.
Internet Resources
This guide (PDF) includes recommended resources for voting and election lesson plans, in addition to websites for students to research candidates, political parties, and Kentucky elections. 
For additional information about the Kentucky Secretary of State's Mock Election Program, please contact the office at (502) 564-3490 or via email.​​