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Office of Elections

The Secretary of State is the Commonwealth's Chief Election Official and Chair of the State Board of Elections. The Secretary of State is the filing official for candidates seeking statewide office or an office to be voted on by the electors of more than one county, members of Congress, members of the General Assembly and all judicial candidates.

The number of votes received by candidates for whom the Secretary is the filing officer, as well as votes cast for and against any proposed constitutional amendments, is certified by the county boards of elections to the Secretary of State, who delivers the totals to the State Board of Elections.

As Chair of the State Board of Elections, the Secretary, along with members of the State Board, is responsible for maintaining a complete roster of all qualified registered voters within the state by county and precinct, furnishing each county clerk with a master list of all registered voters in the county and maintaining all information furnished to the State Board regarding the including or deleting names from the voting roster.

The Secretary of State is also the Commonwealth's chief advocate for civic engagement, responsible for increasing voter education, registration and participation.