Secretary Grimes' Record of Accomplishments

As Kentucky’s Chief Business Official, Secretary Grimes has:
  • Overseen the registration of 150,000 new businesses in Kentucky
  • Led a $10 million expansion and improvement of the Kentucky Business One Stop Portal, including:
    • Centralized registration across several state agencies, reducing redundancy and inconsistency
    • Role-based access, increasing security for businesses and allowing agents to perform functions on behalf of business owners
    • A “dashboard” that displays all business transactions in one place
  • Earned national and statewide awards for Business One Stop Portal applications and inter-agency cooperation
  • Created the Commonwealth Business Identifier, a unique identification number businesses may now use instead of the numerous identifiers designated by individual state agencies (HB 343, 2013)
  • Advocated for a "Boots to Business" program, which would make veterans exempt from paying fees to register new businesses in Kentucky. She continues to push this legislation (HB 367)
  • Encouraged partnerships between farmers and food banks to help feed thousands of food insecure Kentuckians, endorsing Farms to Food Banks legislation that creates incentives for farmers to donate produce, beef, poultry, fish, pork and other edible products to Kentucky food banks and makes them eligible for state tax credits (HB 141, 2013)
  • Advocated for and adopted the Uniform Unincorporated Non-profit Association Act to simplify and improve Kentucky’s nonprofit laws (HB 440, 2015)
  • Authorized New Generation Cooperatives, which help stimulate economic growth within the agriculture and energy industries and rural areas (HB 441, 2012)
  • Simplified the Occupational License Tax filing process, collecting all forms and making them available online and creating a uniform form for use in all jurisdictions (HB 277, 2012)
  • Created the “Corporations for the Commonwealth” program to recognize businesses that give back to their communities
  • Streamlined and updated Kentucky’s business entity statutes (HB 341, 2012 and SB 69, 2013)

As Kentucky’s Chief Election Official, Secretary Grimes has:

  • Implemented online voter registration for every Kentuckian and led a historic statewide voter registration drive which resulted in more than 100,000 new voters being added to the rolls. More than 30,000 registered online at and more than 85,000 updates to existing voter registrations (October 2016) 
  • Enacted Kentucky’s first-ever Military Heroes Voting Initiative, which allows military and overseas citizens to register to vote and update their registration online and request and receive absentee ballots via an online portal (SB1, 2013)
  • Created an Address Confidentiality Program for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, allowing them to register to vote and participate in elections without fear for their safety (HB 222, 2013) and secured funding for the program (HB 316, 2015)
  • Presided over eight recanvasses in close elections, including statewide recanvasses in the 2016 Democratic presidential preference primary and the 2015 Republican gubernatorial primary
  • Redesigned Kentucky’s Voter Registration System, streamlining applications and making it more user-friendly and efficient for county clerks
  • Protected absentee voters from attempts to unduly influence their votes by keeping their identities and addresses confidential until after the election (HB 203, 2013)
  • Saved money in special elections, allowing special elections to be conducted in the county clerk’s office if only one state legislative candidate is running (HB 293, 2012)
  • Led nationally on polling place accessibility by launching a website and creating a training video, increasing transparency and helping to ensure that all voters can vote privately and independently, regardless of disability
  • Created an Election Integrity Task Force comprised of federal, state and local officials to ensure the integrity of our elections
  • Conducted Election Advisory Meetings across the Commonwealth to obtain input from citizens about Kentucky election laws and procedures
  • Continued to advocate for legislation to:
    • Allow Kentuckians to vote early with in-person no-excuse absentee voting (HB 290, 2016)
    • Automatically restore voting rights to non-violent felons who have completed their sentences (HB 70, 2015)
    • Permit in-person absentee voting on the basis of age, disability or illness (HB 212, 2015)

As Kentucky’s Chief Advocate for Civic Engagement, Secretary Grimes has:

  • Undertaken a statewide assessment and initiative to improve civic engagement, releasing Kentucky’s first-ever Civic Health Index and conducting a series of 15 public roundtables to develop strategies for maximizing voter turnout, volunteerism, community involvement, and other areas of civic participation
  • Obtained a resolution opposing funding cuts at Kentucky military installations (SCR 147 & HJR 77, 2015)
  • Obtained legislation establishing a task force on adventure tourism in Eastern Kentucky (HCR 86, 2015)
  • Welcomed thousands of new citizens to the Commonwealth, participating in countless Naturalization Ceremonies throughout the state
  • Visited every county in the Commonwealth, sponsoring annual slogan and essay contests to engage middle and high school students in the election process
  • Sponsored an annual Outstanding Civic Education Leadership Award to recognize teachers and community leaders who foster strong citizenship among young Kentuckians
  • Advocated on behalf of students, supporting legislation to allow students to participate in hiring of school board superintendents (HB 236, 2015)
  • Sought legislation to establish task force on civic education and engagement to continue collaboration among civic partners and identify best practices for civic participation (HJR 70, 2015)