Legislative Initiatives

Secretary Grimes listens carefully to the concerns and ideas that Kentuckians from across the state share with her, and she works hard to address them. Since taking office, Secretary Grimes has advocated passionately for laws that enable all citizens, including members of the military and victims domestic violence, to have their voices heard in our elections and businesses to operate more efficiently. Her bipartisan efforts have been tremendously successful, empowering Kentuckians and helping businesses.

2013 Legislation


 Senate Bill 1 - In September 2012, Secretary Grimes traveled to the Middle East to assess and make improvements to military and overseas voting procedures. Upon her return, she made recommendations to the General Assembly to ensure that no Kentuckian, especially those who risk their lives to protect the very right to vote, ever has to ask again, "does my ballot actually count?"

Secretary Grimes' recommendations formed the basis for Senate Bill 1 in the 2013 regular session. The bill was passed overwhelmingly by both the Senate and the House, and the new law will protects the voting rights of National Guard members and ensures that military and overseas voters have the opportunity to vote in all elections, including state, local and special elections. The bill is the first step in making sure Kentucky's 65,000 military members' right to vote is protected, and Secretary Grimes continues to work to ensure that those who risk their lives on the battlefield have their voices heard at the ballot box.

Read more about Secretary Grimes' trip and the resulting legislative action in her Military Matters Assessment.

  • Senate Bill 69 - clarifies business entity laws to achieve greater consistency and efficiency
  • House Bill 141 - creates a tax incentive to farms that donate to food banks, encouraging generosity and helping Kentuckians in need
  • House Bill 203 - protects the ability of absentee voters to cast their ballots privately by keeping confidential their identities and preventing them from being targeted for attempts to buy or influence their votes
  • House Bill 222 - allows victims of domestic violence to have their personal information redacted from publicly available voter registration records, ensuring that no Kentuckian will be discouraged from voting out of fear for his or her own safety, or the safety of his or her children
  • House Bill 343 - creates a uniform business identification number that can be used across state agencies, streamlining the way entities interact with government

2012 Legislation

  • House Bill 277 (codified in KRS Chapter 67) - makes occupational license tax return forms used by each of the more than 200 taxing districts in Kentucky available on the Secretary of State's website, saving businesses time and money often spent gathering returns from each district in which they operate
  • House Bill 293 (codiified in KRS Chapters 117 and 118) - saves taxpayer money with respect to special elections in which only one candidate seeks office by directing that voting in such elections be conducted in the county clerk's office or at other locations designated by the county board of elections and approved by the State Board of Elections, instead of in each precinct in the county
  • House Bill 341 (codified in KRS Chapter 386A) - the Uniform Statutory Trust Act updates Kentucky's statutory trust laws, applying current legal concepts to statutory trusts
  • House Bill 441 (KRS Chapter 272A) - the Uniform Limited Cooperative Association Act promotes rural economic development by permitting recognizing "new generation cooperatives," which allow patrons to bring in outside capital to pursue modern projects while maintaining many of the hallmarks of traditional cooperatives